After spending a decade at a local dealership, Mark Lee opened Lee's Specialtee LLC in March 1995 (then called "Honda Service Center").

Above: Mark's father-in-law, Kendall Abbott (1919-2009), paints the original sign for Honda Service Center.

The facility was a sole proprietorship located in a small garage near Kar Kare muffler and beneath Frank's Part Mart on Clinton Highway.

Above: Lee's original location, 1995-2003.

After several years, Lee's Specialtee was ready to move to a new home. Lee's first purchased land on Broadway next to Alert Transmission, across from Kmart. However, the location proved to be too small, so Lee's found a better location on Tillery Drive, just above what was then known as "Paul's Market."

Above: excavating for the new facility.

In the distance is the western side of Sharp's Ridge and just above the excavating is the rooftop of Lance Cunningham Ford.

Above: metal beam structure completed.

Above: Mark's father, Roy Lee (1928-2018), an electrician, works on the wiring.

Above: the new facility boasts five bays, one dedicated for alignments.

The all-new Lee's Specialtee opened on May 12, 2003.